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Fog Machines

Not all fog machines are created equal...
VEI 919 Mini-FoggerAfter reading through our website you should have a lot of ideas about how you can use fog machines to enhance your Halloween fun. So your next question will probably be what size and type of fog machine or fog machines you should get. The answer depends on several factors. What will the fog machine(s) be used for? How dense do you want the fog to be? How much fog do you need to cover a particular area?

Generally a small fog machine or two will do a good job for small yard haunts and Halloween parties, but ultimately you might want fog machines with different power rating for different effects.

As an example, this Halloween we will be using one high-output fog machine to haze the front of our property and street with general purpose fog. We'll use two small fog machines connected to fog chillers to lay a thick carpet of low-laying ground fog through-out our graveyard scene. For our backyard party area, we'll use a medium output fog machine connected to a fog distribution system for our Halloween party. A small fog machine will be used for our Vortex effect. Again, it depends on what you will be using your fog machines for.

fog machinesWhen buying a fog machine two factors that should be considered, the wattage and its Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating. In general, you have to take the CFM of fog produced with a grain of salt because there is no set industry standard for the specifications of what a cubic foot of fog is. You can read more about this on page one in our Fog Machine Faq section. The wattage of the heating element is another indicator of how well the fog machine might perform.

The wattage of consumer fog machines generally range from 400 to 1000 watts. With a higher wattage rating, the fog machine can not only produce more fog, but equally as important is will usually not have to go into a re-heat cycle as often or for as long because the heat exchanger has more electrical power available.

So, which brand of fog machine to buy?
Starting in 2001, Fog machines seemed to be everywhere, most in the wattage range of 400 to 700 watts. One major retailer told us that they believed the Got Fog? website was in part responsible for the increased interest in fog machines. This is very flattering and we hope that it's true. A testament to this would be the hundreds of thousands of visitors we receive every year!

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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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